ITLLBEOK : Infinite Playground (a work in progress)

Work In Progress / 09 June 2020

The infinite Playground is part of my experimental comic series, "ITLLBEOK" which is hopefully happening sometime soon. The comic intends to be extremely out of the ordinary, utilizing various art techniques to produce a non-cohesive, messy story about a boy and God.

The Infinite Playground idea came as a bit of a dream. The idea was to have a fun playground that just kept on going forever. Of course, with the lack of food, water, and other resources, the place is not exactly a fun world. It was modeled based on modular parts. A few rules were made to produce cohesive elements for the image. A replicator particle system was used to randomly distribute parts. Colors were assigned using Octane's randomizer. Overall the concept is pretty simple; it's just the insanity of seeing a complex object like this is just crazy.
We also looked into making a game based on this particular element too.

Infinite Playground was conceived by me, and I've modeled a few parts.

Some of the models were provided by the following amazing people: Jasper Goodrich, Andrej Dzajkovski, Maximilian Priesch, and Kevin Weber.You can visit their pages here:

I would like to thank them for their time on this project.

Currently I'm stuck on redeveloping each part and adding more parts for variations. Hopefully we'll see the fruits for it soon.
Made with Modo, rendered with Octane (or Modo default)

There are a few bajillion lights in this scene. It was very difficult rendering something like this with the default Modo render engine, but octane executed this flawlessly.

It almost feels like a really dangerous version of Discovery Playgrounds.

Of course there is a centeral core that powers everything, a bright star at the center of it all.

Here are some extreme wide angle fisheye shots.

Animated version was intended to be just a demo.

SideTrip : Experimental : Next

Work In Progress / 03 June 2020

Here's some early work in progress pictures for my next installment of my image series, SideTrip : Experimental.

Modo is used here. Much of the buildings you see in the distance are just planes I lit up with little area lights. These images were originally daytime shots but by just adjusting some of the lighting you can get quite a variety of lighting conditions. Of course it's not perfect, but that's frankly not really where I'm headed with this series.

I also threw in a few 3D models which blends into the scene quite well. Hopefully I'll be producing this image soon!

Making a new YARDSALE HDRI pack

Work In Progress / 22 April 2020

I've been working on a new set of HDRI images for YARDSALE. These aren't just straight renders from some program, they're specifically adjusted per image so that the exposure from the sun and the sky looks correct. I also applied a bit of an artistic touch to the whole thing which hopefully gears this towards more illustrative applications, although these can look very real. I'm planning to release about 30 of them (or less depending on how things go).

Maybe a set of these would go for $30 depending on how much time I'd spend on these.

Below are just screenshots (really rough sorry) but they should give you some idea on how they're going to look when rendered using Octane. They work perfectly fine in other render engines too!

These images were edited using AfterEffects specifically for the 32bit modes. Frankly makes it easier to adjust stuff and also develop quick load presets that lets me quickly edit stuff.